Water Heater for Your Convenience and Comfort
Does your water heater shows signs that it can't always keep water consistently hot or losing its efficiency? When a problem occurs with your water heater, it puts you at risk of losing your only source of hot water in your home. Be treated to nothing but the best service from the professionals at TNT Refrigeration. Our team is ready to help you in repairing, replacing, or installing your water heater.
Signs your water heater needs to be repaired or replaced:
  • No hot water at all or water quickly turns cold
  • Your water heater is old – more than ten years
  • Rust or corrosion forming
  • Water is leaking from the unit
  • Your tank has sediment built up
  • Maintenance has not been performed on your tank
Repairing vs Replacing Your Hot Water Heater
There are several factors to consider in your decision to repair or replace your water heater unit. If your unit is not entirely damaged, faulty gas lines and malfunctioned thermostats are simple repairs. However, if your unit shows signs of corrosion, if small puddles are forming under or around your unit, you have a corroded tank, or a crack in the lining, a new water heater is usually the only solution.
How to Avoid Water Heater Problems? Your water heater problems can be avoided with a regular pressure relief valve, anode rod replacement, and reading the manual after its installed. Count on TNT Refrigeration for reliable water heater maintenance to avoid common problems that you regularly face with your unit.

Contact us today for an estimate on the water heater services you need. Let us put our over 30 years of experience to work for you!