Top-Notch Maintenance for Your Equipment
TNT Refrigeration maintains commercial refrigeration, commercial and residential heating, and air conditioning equipment throughout the state of Connecticut.

We feel that TNT provides the very best maintenance available, which saves you money in several ways. First, by lowering your utility expenses, second, by reducing unnecessary break downs, and third, by preventing premature equipment failure.

The key to our maintenance is a mobile pressure washer in an enclosed trailer. This trailer carries all of the necessary equipment and materials to perform a proper maintenance. It includes our coil cleaner, V-belts and air filters which are the quality pleated type filters (unlike the cheap fiber filters which do not capture nearly as much dirt and dust).

The pressure washer carries 150 gallons of water and has a 300 ft. high-pressure hose. When your equipment has a good chemical cleaning and pressure washing of the coils, your equipment will run more efficiently and last longer. The cleaning of these coils is so important to keep the compressor motors cool and transfer heat from the occupied space or refrigerated space to the outdoors.

Other contractors can't possibly clean coils as well without the proper equipment and so often commercial buildings do not provide water faucets due to the possibility of vandalism - so how do they clean these coils? They don't.

The fact is that a good maintenance program lowers your utility expenses, prolongs the life of your equipment, and reduces the number of unnecessary service calls. Bottom line, a maintenance schedule saves you money!

Contact TNT Refrigeration today or request a call back for an estimate on your maintenance needs. Our locally owned business provides a one-year labor warranty and manufacturer warranties.